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Oceanic Activation Code

Postby eDiver » Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:06 am

Q: I registered my dive computer with Oceanic and I was given a code so I can enroll for some lessons for free. I tried but the code that I have does not seem to get me anywhere beyond the registration.

A: First of all, our Activation Codes are 16 digits long.

When you register a dive computer with Ocean you will receive from Oceanic an email titled "Your Registered Product" that should contain text similar to the one below:

Your registered product includes a free training class. Please visit, add the training class to your cart, and use the coupon code 123XYZ456W to redeem your free class.

As you can see in example text above, Oceanic sends you a 10 DIGITS COUPON. You can NOT use this coupon directly with our system (we need 16 digits).

As explained in Oceanic 's email, you need to go to the Oceanic "product cart" page (indicated in their email), add to your shopping cart the "Computer Training" item, enter the coupon you just received (make sure you hit the "Apply" button on their website) and "purchase" the class (by using their coupon the cost of the item is $0).

Once you finally complete their purchase process (their site makes you go through another couple of confirmation screens ....), Oceanic will send you another email. This one is titled: Oceanic Worldwide: New Order # 123ABC456XZ.

This second email, among other things, contains - in the ITEM section of the email - 2 important pieces of information:
- URL for the online training
- 16 Digits Activation Code ..... this is the code you need to use to enroll in our classes.
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