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How do I renew my online class?

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How do I renew my online class?

Postby eDiver » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:00 pm

Q: I finished the online class for my dive computer more than one year, and now I would like to take the same class again.
How do I re-enroll in the class?

A: Our online classes are valid for 1 year since enrollment.
If you want to take the same class after the 1 year period you need to renew your subscription to the class.
To do so, just go to the class - anywhere after module 2 - and the class will show the renewal screen similar to the one below:


Click on the provided link, follow instructions and complete the transaction with PayPal.
Please note that if you pay with PayPal to renew your class, there is no need to have an Activation Code as your class will be renewed as soon as PayPal confirms that your transaction is valid.

Q: Can I use Bubble Credits to re-enroll in the class?
A: No
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