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Specialty Courses for model-specific dive computers

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:51 pm
by eDiver
In the past two years we have been collaborating with leading manufacturers of dive computers and several certification agencies to develop educational material to facilitate the adoption and the use of dive computers and at the recent DEMA show we released the first set of Instructor Outlines for model-specific Dive Computers Specialty Courses. Since then we have made substantial progress and, as of today, PADI and SSI have approved outlines/manuals for several specialty courses for model-specific dive computers.

The goal of these specialty courses is to train the student diver to properly use model-specific dive computers when performing recreational dives using air.

Every course contains: standards, academic session and 1 open water training dive.
The academic session of each course is independently completed by the student by taking the related online class, provided by, for the model-specific dive computer.
At the end of the academic portion of the course, student should request from a digital certificate of completion which should be provided to the Instructor.

Once student has completed the academic portion of the course AND obtained the certificate of completion, then he/she can participate in the open water dive.
The open water dive is the perfect setting for the student to practice with his/her new dive computer under the surveillance of a qualified Instructor.
In the Open Water dive student must perform set of skills to demonstrate proper knowledge of the model-specific dive computer.

At the end of the specialty course, student will receive a specialty certification from the certifying agency.

Contact your local dive store and/or Instructor to enroll in a model-specific dive computer Specialty Course.

If you are an Instructor and would like to teach these Specialty Courses, you can obtain the outlines/manuals at the following links:
PADI Distinctive Specialties
SSI Unique Specialties