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Re: Nemo 33

Postby dysoon » Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:27 pm

I'll be there for few days so I'll have time to try to meet him but I should be aware of the "commercial" proposition you've made to be able to talk seriously. It would be easyer i guess if the game spot is free for players, you don't win money on this but he can't ask for fees, that's the way I would do if I was you but it's maybe not the deal you want to do...

If I understand well he just has to authorise the use of "nemo33"'s protected name. It's the only thing to ask isn't it ?

I don't think i can seriously deal such a thing without all the cards in my hand, but i can for sure make some investigation to learn if there would be some other, and more fortunate, way to ask for nemo's space and name use.
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Re: Nemo 33

Postby eDiver » Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:49 pm

if we do this site it will be a free site

We need permission to use name, drawings and images. Very simple :)
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Re: Nemo 33

Postby dysoon » Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:16 am

Hi !

Just coming to tell that I'll be there next weeck.

Keep in touch :)
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Re: Nemo 33

Postby jakeweeks » Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:20 pm

Put in a good word for eDiving... we would love to see a pool as awesome as the Nemo in the sim.
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Re: Nemo 33

Postby dysoon » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:42 pm

Hi everyone !

So... bad news good news...
I couldn't meet mister Beernaerts and people working there that we've meet and dive with were unable to help ediving. The only thing we could do was to put the wish in the idea box.

The good point is only subjective as in my opinion ediving isn't missing that much. For the name and image of Nemo33 it would be nice to have this spot, but...
- It's a tiny place. Maybe the deepest diving pool on the planet indeed but 33m is not that much, and the surface pool make you feel how traped in a tube you are.
- In game i figure that the feeling would be even more clostrophobic and a pain in the game play's ass. When you make a game one of your 3 fondemental goals is to generate fun. Nemo is in real a lot more boring than fun, in game the last aspects that give you some joy would be reduced to none or close to none in game.
- Ambiance there isn't bad, people are nice, but not good neither as there's nothing really strong in diving feelings. But hey it's just a pool, you can't seriously expect to live some deep human relationship with any diver like when going back to the boat you share without a word all the amazing experience of a dive.
Witch remembers me that indeed diving pools have only one interest : diving close to your home when you live to far away from any natural spot.
Nemo's interest is for people living there (and not all as even from Bruxelles it can take an hour to go there just because of local crapy subway/bus lignes design). I would recomand it only to people that have to go to Bruxelles for some other reason, need to train anyway, and agree to pay a high price (when compared to thequality of services).

So IMO having Nemo33 in a diving game = pointless
Nemo33's image benefice = not that brilliant in fact

You would give for sure more fun to the community bringing a new and crazy level design as training addon.

Sorry that i can't do much about all that, the starting idea was sexy but make-ups are falling quick in this chloral water...
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