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Freediving out soon?!?

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Freediving out soon?!?

Postby jakeweeks » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:56 pm

You guys keep taunting us! First with those Aeris F10 videos two years ago, and now the pressure demonstration in the Oceanic dive computers crash course?

When will freediving be ready for the general public? My guess is that the release is a serious fiscal risk on your part. I don't want to sound presumptuous, but how do you generate revenue from a medium which doesn't consume expensive air mixes or use complicated and sophisticated technology?

As a SCUBA and free diver, I understand both arts, and how both businesses survive. I know how you can both generate profit AND integrate a widely practiced diving form into your already superb simulator, widening the audience and gaining valuable customers.

Freediving brings its own specialized equipment to the diving arena, and this market can be exploited as an extension to the existing Ediving mechanics. For instance, snorkels with varying levels of breathing efficiency which can improve breath-hold time and reduce fatigue while in the water (and this efficiency can be directly proportional to the purchase price). These can also allow for snorkeling on the surface when the diver is above a preset depth, say 1 foot. The snorkel can occupy the second-stage regulator slot.

SCUBA fins often emphasize ease of leg movement and maneuverability; hence the popularity of split-blade fins, which provide less propulsion but are easier to kick with for extended periods of time. Freediving fins emphasize full-on thrust, so the blades are much longer, stiffer, and solid. These fins can offer further thrust and additional breath-hold time, but can be incompatible with SCUBA diving, increasing exclusivity. Many of these fins are carbon-fiber and can cost in excess of $500. Various levels of footpocket, stiffness, size, and composition create many possible combinations.

If spearfishing gets integrated, and I hope it will, camouflage wetsuits could provide a bonus to.... well, camouflage. Camo hoods can be sold separately. Hawaiian slings and polespears could also be sold, and might be easier to program than a speargun with a reel and float line (and, reels and float lines can be sold as well). Different bands, adding power or range, could be purchased for all underwater weaponry. Different spear tips could be used for different size/types of fish. You could also introduce more dive knives, for quickly, humanely killing a fish (for a point bonus). A stringer could also be integrated, synonymous with the game bag for lobster hunting. Fishing for lobsters already requires multiple purchases, such as the lobster gauge, bag, and license. Why not integrate spearfishing in the same way?

Furthermore, lots of new freediving-specific computers are being introduced following the success of the F10, like the Omer MIK1 and the Beauchat Mundial. More classes maybe?

On the topic of classes, many freedivers are taking freediving courses, designed to increase their maximum depth, breath-hold and bottom time. Paid, in-water courses at a blue hole or deep site that are interactive to the time underwater and depth achieved could gradually increase an individual diver's performance.

I hope that you guys can integrate freediving into an already-awesome SCUBA simulator in a way that makes technical and economic sense for both Divenav and the Edivers of the world. I'd be more than willing to help with any development or research that will expedite the expansion of one of our passions into the virtual world.
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Re: Freediving out soon?!?

Postby eDiver » Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:04 am

Very tempting ;)
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Re: Freediving out soon?!?

Postby jakeweeks » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:49 pm

Oh, and something I neglected that would make the freediving even more exclusive: Monofins! Monofins are stupid and impractical for SCUBA. In competitive depth freediving, they are amazing. They're pricy, but they'd be perfect for pushing depth limits!
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