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Re: Giant Clams

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:55 pm
by iamnota
Maybe there can be some negative results from opening a closed clam. For example, you can pry one open only to have those carnivorous crabs or some saltwater piranhas come pouring out.

How are animals living inside a clam? I dunno, you decide.

Also, I know that you wouldn't get the bends in an instant. It's just the thought of accidentally getting owned by a clam... In front of everyone...

Edit: I just thought of something for multiplayer! It's a map that's filled with clams, both small and large. Players must open the clams to find treasures that are collected as points. You can open small clams for a chance to find small pearls, though the large bonus items are found in the giant clams. Just remember that there can be negative results AND you have to be careful when retrieving from large clams. In the center is a monster clam that is the size of a boat, and inside are high-value items that get more and more valuable the closer to the center you are. However, it is on its own timer: you don't know when it will open or when it will close. Just don't be inside it when it closes. If a player dies in-game, their score is omitted and they have to wait for the next round.