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Postby iamnota » Thu May 05, 2011 9:00 pm

I know about star ranks and all, but how about a skill rank system that gives you small benefits. Your rank is decided by the number of successful dives you've made compared to your deaths, how many missions you have completed (one credit for each individual mission), and how well you perform competitively.

There are a handful of main ranks. I'm thinking this (from lowest to highest):

Swimmer>freediver>snorkeler>scuba trainee>recreational diver>deep sea diver>tech diver

In each of the ranks are four sub-ranks: beginner>novice>professional>legendary

For example, a new player is a beginner swimmer. A very experienced player, however, can get to a legendary tech diver.

Getting a new sub-rank provides small benefits, such as:

Equiping different styles of mask straps.

Adding items (decals, belts, etc.) to your equipment for show.

Being able to ignore blank dive logs as they appear in the news section. Later, you can ignore them all together if you want to.

Given the ability to research sea life.

You are given a waterproof camera to take pictures and share them with the community in a specialized section of the website.

And more.

There's also a nice reward for those with five stars: the number of bubble credits you receive from a qualifying dive gets a small percentage bonus with each time you get a higher main rank.

Also, this rank is shown publicly AND it is shown to other players before you spawn in a buddy dive so the others know if you won't cause trouble if you descend together or if you're probably going to end up killing yourself a few times.

Your rank may grow smaller if your stats drop, which means any benefits available at the time cannot be used again until you raise your rank again.
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