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Lobster Hunting - Monthly Winners

Can you catch the California Spiny Lobster ?

Lobster Hunting - Monthly Winners - June 2011

Postby eDiver » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:17 pm

Once again ..... our resident champion is winning in all categories and brings home 3,500 Bubble Credits!!!

Here the record holder for the month of June 2011.
Best Score: ................221, oldiver, 2,000 BC
Biggest Lobster:........8.03lb, oldiver, 1,000 BC
Heaviest Catch:.......41.88lb, oldiver, ..500 BC

It looks like no-one is willing/able to challenge oldiver.

Time to end this contest?
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Re: Lobster Hunting - Monthly Winners - June 2011

Postby amarshall » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:04 pm

eDiver wrote:
Time to end this contest?

I don't think so...I might give it a shot with the new weapons ;)

Maybe a different type of contest...like spearfishing. Maybe if we could ever kill the lionfish, there could be a monthly contest involving that. Or like one of my earlier posts from a few months ago..a game where a few select virtual divers have a tank valve cap and carry it with them unless they get killed or tangled in something, then they lose it on the spot. Different categories could be awarded:

Longest time to keep one in your possession
Whoever has a cap at the end of the month

Just a few suggestions.
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