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Diver Sentinel - System Overview

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Diver Sentinel - System Overview

Postby eDiver » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:22 pm

The Diver Sentinel is a system that reduces the risk for a diver to be left behind when diving from charter boats or when diving with a large group of divers.

Diver Sentinel could be used by a dive boat Captain to dynamically verify if a diver is present on the boat - or not.

This system can also be used by dive team leaders that want to keep track, in real time, of the diving activities of their dive teams. Examples could be Public Safety Divers, Scientific Divers, Boy Scouts dive teams, High School dive teams.

Lastly, Diver Sentinel could also be used by solo divers or teams of 2 buddy divers that bring their own sensors on the boat and either request the captain to pair their sensors to the captain 's smartphone / tablet or provide to the captain a Diver Sentinel Monitor device (or an additional smartphone).


The system is composed by 3 elements: the bluebuddy sensor/data logger, the Diver Sentinel app and a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) or the Diver Sentinel Monitor device.


Each diver is equipped with a sensor. The sensor could be attached to the BCD or directly to the tank. For more information on the bluebuddy sensor please see this post.

The captain or the dive team leader or the dive master uses the mobile device equipped with the Diver Sentinel app to track diving activities.

The Diver Sentinel app has 3 main modes of operation: Captain, Dive Team Leader and Personal Monitor.

In Captain mode the app reports the status of each sensor/diver that could either be: present on the boat, present but wet (it could be at the surface near the boat) and not present (it could be either underwater or at the surface but far away from the boat).
For more info on the Captain mode, please see this post.

In Dive Team Leader mode the app also tracks the dive time of each individual diver and shows 4 states for each sensor/diver: on the boat, diving, surfacing and overdue.
For more info on the Dive Team Leader mode, please see this post.

the Personal Monitor mode is similar to the Dive Team Leader mode except that the number of sensors that could be tracked is smaller and the app could generate alerts. Additionally, the Personal Monitor mode could be used with the external Diver Sentinel Monitor device.
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