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Diver Sentinel - Assign Sensors

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Diver Sentinel - Assign Sensors

Postby eDiver » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:36 am

When the customers are coming on board the day of the dive trip, you should assign a sensor to each diver during the registration process and tell that diver to make sure the sensor is attached to his/her BCD for the whole period of the dive trip.

To assign a sensor to a customer first make sure that the customer is listed in the manifest of the dive trip. If not you will need to add that customer to the manifest.

Once the Manifest is complete tap on Check-In to begin assigning sensors.


NOTICE: It is very important that you set the operating period of the sensors to match the schedule of the trip. You need to do this BEFORE you assign a sensor.
If you change the operating period after you have assigned sensors, you MUST re-assign them

Now, tap on the icon of a customer to bring up the screen that assigns a sensor for that customer ...


... take a sensor, wake it up by touching the water contacts with a wet finger and then position it very close to the tablet / smartphone.
Now tap on the Device Assignment link .... and, after few seconds, the app will show the sensor.


Tap on the icon of the sensor.... and in few seconds the app will complete the assignment of that sensor to the customer.


You can also use this screen to assign a dive buddy.
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