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Display overview

Postby eDiver » Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:05 am

cootwo features a 42x65 pixels dot-matrix display with backlight.

To turn on the display push the activation button for about one second.
Once the display is on, the backlight should turn on automatically, otherwise HOLD the activation button for more than 2 seconds.
Both the activation time (how long the display will stay on), the backlight time (how long the backlight will stay on) and the backlight intensity are programmable via the My Nitroxbuddy app.

The cootwo display has 2 rows for symbols (top and bottom) and 2 areas for indicators and messages).


In some situations, the two indicators for O2 and CO could be replaced by messages. For more information on this please check the section Messages, Warnings and Alarms.
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