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DSOpal: Managing a pool of dataloggers

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DSOpal: Managing a pool of dataloggers

Postby eDiver » Wed May 20, 2015 2:03 pm

A DSO could have a pool of bluebuddy datalogger that are assigned to scientific divers on an as-needed basis. It could even happen that a datalogger is used by multiple divers on the same day.

Now, by using the DSOpal and the DSO cloud, a DSO can easily track which diver used which datalogger without having to immediately retrieve a log from the datalogger.

First you need to have the User ID Custom Field enabled in the DSO cloud ruleset of your organization.

Then, before handing over a bluebuddy datalogger to a diver, you just associate it to the specific Diver ID of that diver (If the datalogger had already a Diver ID associated to it, just disable it to be used with the DSO cloud and then re-enable it again).
See this post for more info.

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