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My bluebuddy App for Android V1.8: Release Notes

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My bluebuddy App for Android V1.8: Release Notes

Postby eDiver » Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:34 pm

May 6, 2015 - 1.8
Major Changes: None
App download: Google Play

New Features

- Profile logbook: Logbook now shows the profile of all logs.

Bug Fixes

- Various misc bug fixes ported divePAL releases.
- Fixed an issue with date handling between the app and bluebuddys
    - Users will no longer notice a discrepancy between dates reported by Android and iOS during daylight savings time.
    - Users will no longer have to reset the date at the start of DST to correct for the change.
    - Users will may need to do a one-time reset of the date on their bluebuddy to correct it if it was set during DST.


- The main screen has been reorganized.
    - The dive sites database is now accessed through the "Dive Sites" action item.
    - The Download logs menu is now accessed through the "Download Log" action item.
- Added product registration to the sensor settings menu.
- Added "Load Preset" option to the gear section of a log.
- Dive site screen now shows a google map of the area around the site.
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