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Industry First iPad App For Divers

Industry First iPad App For Divers

Postby eDiver » Fri Oct 07, 2011 7:52 am



Industry first iPad App that combines graphical dive planning with computer simulation

TUSTIN, CA, October 7, 2011 – DiveNav, the developer of the innovative eDiving® scuba diving simulator and DiveComputerTraining® service, announces the availability of the divePALTM App for iPad.

divePAL is a free App allowing divers to Plan and Analyze their dives using their iPad. Thanks to divePAL's intuitive graphic interface, a diver can easily input the profile of a planned dive, then analyze it using displayed key elements such as No-Deco Time, Nitrogen Loading, Air Time Remaining and Tank Pressure.

Additionally, a diver can see the estimated levels of accumulated nitrogen for multiple compartments dynamically change during the course of a simulated dive in a dedicated portion of the screen.

divePAL includes a free, non-branded, default dive computer that shows how a typical - but limited - dive computer responds to a dive.

In addition to the default dive computer, divePAL can be equipped with model-specific dive computers that can be obtained via In-App Purchase.

“Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan is one of the mantras of SCUBA training”, said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, “with this industry first iPad App, not only are we enabling students to practice dive planning, but we are also allowing them to see their model-specific dive computers in action before getting wet”, he concluded.

In addition to the iPad version of divePAL, DiveNav has also released a version for Windows platforms.


divePAL for iPad is available on iTunes or on Apple App store
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