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Why bluebuddy says No New Logs?

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Why bluebuddy says No New Logs?

Postby eDiver » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:43 am

Q: I have been using my bluebuddy (Tech Buddy) for some time and I have several dives in it.
Today I did 2 dives and when I tried to download the logs with the My bluebuddy App, the App reports that there are no new dives to download.
bluebuddy (Tech Buddy) seems functional as I can get sensor readings (pressure, temperature, battery level, etc) from the device.
What should I do?

A: Just very recently few users have reported a similar issue. And as soon as we became aware of it, we have been investigating it and we think we have now determined the root cause to a memory management issue inside the bluebuddy (Tech Buddy). (in one line of code the C++ compiler treated a 32 bit variable as a 16 bits only ....)
We are now preparing a new version of the App that should temporarily fix the the problem and allow users to continue to use their bluebuddy (Tech Buddy).
We expect to have this new version of the App available on the Apple App store in a week or so.

We also recommend users to backup to divePAL their logs. To save logs to divePAL, please see this post.
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Why bluebuddy says No New Logs?

Postby eDiver » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:29 pm

The new version (1.1.2) of the My bluebuddy App for iPhone is now available on Apple App store.
This version fixes the "No New Logs" issue mentioned above.
Every time the App download a logs from the bluebuddy (Tech Buddy) the App will run a quick diagnostic test on the bluebuddy flash memory. If the App determines that the Flash memory is corrupted or it could become corrupted it takes preventing actions.
From a user point of view, every time you download a log, the App will display a brief message.
Once in a while (we estimate every 30 to 50 dives - based on the dive profile) the App will display a different message for about 10 seconds while it will fix the memory.
To test this do the following:
1) Connect to bluebuddy and try to download a log. (this will start the diagnostic and fix the memory if it is corrupted)
2) Program the bluebuddy to run a virtual log
3) Wait for bluebuddy to complete the virtual log (~5 minutes)
4) When bluebuddy has completed the virtual log just download it.
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