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How do I connect to my bluebuddy (Tech Buddy)?

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How do I connect to my bluebuddy (Tech Buddy)?

Postby eDiver » Sat May 25, 2013 6:29 pm

Q: I just got my bluebuddy but I can not connect to it. How do you know when the bluebuddy is activated?

A: To use your bluebuddy (Tech Buddy) you need to have:
1) a device (smartphone, tablet, computer) equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 (see our website for a list of supported devices), and
2) our free My bluebuddy App.

The My bluebuddy App for iPhone includes a video tutorial that describes how to use the bluebuddy (Tech Buddy).
Alternatively, you can take the free online class My bluebbuddy for iPhone on Dive Computer Training
Please watch the tutorial or take the online class before using your bluebuddy (Tech Buddy).

More specifically, please watch the video Pairing a bluebuddy.

If you watched the video and you are still having problems in connecting to your bluebuddy (Tech Buddy) try this:

1) Exit the My bluebuddy App
2) Put your bluebuddy in a container filled with water (bucket, pot, pitcher, kitchen sink ....) and leave it there for ~30 seconds.
3) Remove bluebuddy from the container filled with water and dry out the 2 contacts of the water sensor. You should perform this task in ~10 seconds or less.
4) Start the My bluebuddy App, disable Proximity Mode, and then tap on"RSSI Scanner" menu (tap on settings icons, then tap on "device Manager", then tap on "RSSI Scanner". The App should start scanning for devices and after few seconds should list your bluebuddy (Tech Buddy).
5) Go back to the Device Manager (tap on icon on the top left corner) then tap on "Scan for Devices" and then tap on the icon of your bluebuddy (Tech Buddy). Now the App will connect to your bluebuddy.
Once the bluebuddy is connected to your smartphone, the App will show a checkmark next to it. See image below.

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