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Dive time and graph include short surface intervals?

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Dive time and graph include short surface intervals?

Postby mmccoyd » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:53 am

Hi. I’m doing scientific diving and we report ‘dives’ that may have short periods when we come to the surface to talk briefly, but that are not counted as dive time. Much like the bottom time rules for normal diving. Its great in the device that the minimum surface interval can be expanded to 10 minutes to include the full dive as one. Yet the app counts those small surface periods as dive time and graphs them as slow descents. Might this be changed?

It seems the mini surface intervals could be excluded with two changes, one in the device and one in the app. From looking at the CSV export, mostly data is not kept above the minimum dive depth. That makes sense. Yet on ascent the first data point above the minimum seems kept, which could be useful.

In the device, on decent keep the last data point above the minimum dive depth. This seems to require continually replacing a last-shallow value until you decide you are below the minimum depth again, then save the last-shallow value and time when you save the first set of below minimum depth data. Or just save all data during the dive, but export only some.

In the app, you should now have two data point, above the minimum, that mark the start and end of the mini surface interval. And, redundantly, you should know the minimum. Don’t count that interval as dive time, nor connect it with a line in the graph.

If you could change that, it would be helpful. I have the iOS app 1.2.8 and Bluebuddy HW1.1 SW2.2.

With a 3’ 10 second dive minimum, how does the CSV export get a set of only two data points below the minimum dive depth?
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Re: Dive time and graph include short surface intervals?

Postby eDiver » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:45 am

thank you for the feedback.

We will look into this asap.
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