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divePAL iPad - Releases Log - Version 1.6.13

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2015 8:20 am
by eDiver
May 1, 2015 - Version 1.6.13
Major changes: none
To get divePAL for iPad App go to iTunes Connect HERE

New Features
- Added simulator for Smart Dive Computer

Bug Fixes
- Fixed parser for several Pelagic dive computers (Aeris, Oceanic, Sherwood)

Dive Computer Buddy support
Now you can use divePAL with Dive Computer Buddy to directly download logs from the following dive Computers:
Aeris: A300, A300AI, A300XT, Atmos AI, Elite T3, Manta and XR2
Genesis: ReactPro
Mares: Puck, Puck Air.
Oceanic: Atom 3, Geo, Geo 2, Pro Plus 2.1, Pro Plus 3, OC1, OCi, OCS, Veo 2, Veo 250, Veo 3, VT 3 and VT 4.
Sherwood: Amphos, Amphos Air, Insight, Insight 2, Wisdom 2 and Wisdom 3
Suunto: Cobra 1, Cobra 2, Cobra 3, D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9, D9Tx, DX, HelO2, Vyper, Vyper Air, Vytec and Zoop.

Supported Dive Computers Simulators

You can use divePAL to see the following model-specific dive computers in action during simulated (or real) dives:
AERIS: A100, A300, A300AI, A300XT, Atmos AI, Elite T3, Epic, Manta, XR1, XR1 Nx and XR-2.
CRESSI: Leonardo and Giotto.
DIVENAV: Smart Dive Computer
MARES: Mission Puck.
OCEANIC: Atom 2, Atom 3, BUD, Geo, Geo 2, OC1, OC1-LE, OCi, OCS, Pro Plus 2, Pro Plus 3, Veo 100, Veo 180Nx, Veo 250, Veo 1, Veo 2, Veo 3, VT 3 and VT 4.
SCUBAPRO: Aladin 2G and Galileo Sol.
SHERWOOD: Amphos Air and Wisdom 3.
SUUNTO: Cobra 1, Cobra 3, D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9, Gekko, HelO2, Vyper, Vyper Air and Zoop.
TUSA: Zen.