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divePAL iPAD problem with Oceanic Pro Plus 2

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divePAL iPAD problem with Oceanic Pro Plus 2

Postby steficic » Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:34 am

Have divePAL iPAD Basic 1.1 with Oceanic Pro Plus 2 computer, and I am using it in metric measurement system.

It's OK when I analyze a Dive Plan while moving forward, but if I move back, or if jump from one point of dive to another, the displayed deco data and time to surface are wrong.

Example: after 18min (with 2 minutes to get to -40m) at -40mt I have 2 minute deco at 6,0m and 13 minute to surface. If I jump forward to -3m and then jump back to 18min, I have NO DECO and 1 minute to surface! After that, if I move around 18 min, there is no deco, always 1 minute to surface and "TOO FAST" and red LED are blinking while staying at -40m. To get displayed again the deco data, I have to move back to no deco zone and than slow forward to deco zone.
With default computer is OK.
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Re: divePAL iPAD problem with Oceanic Pro Plus 2

Postby eDiver » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:10 am

thank you for the feedback.
Will get this fixed in the next release of divePAL iPad (in a couple of weeks)
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