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divePAL for PADI Instructors

User friendly, multiplatform App to Plan, Analyze and Log your dives. It includes also simulations of model-specific dive computers

divePAL for PADI Instructors

Postby eDiver » Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:48 am

As a dive professional you might be interested to know that our divePAL product was mentioned in the Q1-2014 edition of PADI 's publication The Undersea Journal (Computer Diving Crew-Paks and New Simulator - page 89).

divePAL is a multiplatform application that allows student divers to plan, execute, log and analyze simulated (or real) dives. The intuitive graphical interface makes it easy for a student diver to input a dive profile, analyze it, and view the trends and relationships between depth, time, nitrogen loading and tank pressure.

divePAL is also a powerful dive computer simulator that can be customized with sever model-specific dive computer simulators that appear and function like the real dive computers student divers may use during their Open Water training.

As part of our agreement with PADI, a student enrolled in the PADI Open Water diver course can obtain a 12 month free license for divePAL Nitrox, 12 month of free use for a model-specific dive computer simulator and a substantial discount on any of our online classes for model-specific dive computers.

Here how this works.

When a student diver enrolls in the new PADI Open Water Diver course that uses a dive computer as planning tool, that student should receive the new PADI Open Water Diver Computer Crew-Pak (Product N. 60335). This Crew-Pak includes a Dive Computer Simulator Access Card which contains a Unique Activation Code


The student diver should then login at the specific ScubaEarth page indicated on the card...


.... and activate the Unique Activation Code ....


As soon as the student diver activates the Unique Activation Code, the 12 month license to divePAL Nitrox is automatically added to the student 's account.

Next step for the student is to select the simulator for a model-specific dive computer .....


Please note that as of today divePAL supports simulations for 47 model-specific dive computers and we expect to add ~10 more before the end of 2014.

Once the student diver has selected the appropriate model-specific dive computer .....


... he will be redirected to a specific page on Dive Computer Training where he will be able to review his account ......


.... and download divePAL....

divePAL is currently available for Windows, iPad, iPhone and Android devices, with a version for Mac expected by the end of Q3-2014.

Once the student diver has installed divePAL on his preferred device, he should login into divePAL using his ScubaEarth account and the model-specific dive computer he selected will be listed automatically.

For a tutorial on how to used divePAL please check out the free divePAL online class.
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