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r7 - Release Notes

Re: r7 - Release Notes

Postby eDiver » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:27 pm

New Features

- ROV mode is intended to be a somewhat simpler way to explore underwater environments without dealing with the more complicated aspects of simulating a dive.
- ROVs will not be able to interact with most objects in a scene such as raffle tickets, free gear, bubble credits, and the like (basically you can see them but you can not take them). They will be able to get information from points of interest.
- Players can change between diver mode and ROV mode by using the two buttons that have been enabled on the right side of the equipment screen. When entering a dive, the player will be controlling an ROV or diver based on whichever equipment screen the player last had active.
- For more information about ROV mode visit the following eDiving forum post

- Go to "Configuration" then "Controls" from the main menu to access the control settings screen.
- To change controls, click an action and click "Set" or double click it, then press the key you want to change it to.
- To unset an action so it no longer has a key associated with it, click that action then click the "Clear" button.
- To return an action to its default key, select the action then click the "Default" button.
- If two or more conflicting actions are bound to the same key, they will all be highlighted in red.
- Press the save button in the corner when you are done editing your controls. Changes will take effect immediately.

- Added a new equipment type: Drysuits and Undergarments.
- A drysuit/thermal undergarment pair is a special type of suit that keeps you warmer in cold water.
- You can buy and equip a drysuit from the same section of the equipment screen as a wetsuit.
- When you equip a drysuit, you will have to additionally equip a thermal undergarment using the equipment button below the wetsuit/drysuit area.
- You can control the inflation/deflation of the drysuit in the water with two new buttons that can be bound in the configuration screen. Their defaults are Y to inflate and U to deflate.
- If you allow your drysuit to become too deflated, it will begin to restrict your movement and take more effort to kick.
- When worn, the current volume of the drysuit.
- For more information about the drysuit visit the following eDiving forum post

- Several new features are available in certain dive computers including:
- Visible indication of what alarm is sounding.
- Stopwatch and timer displays
- Postdive modes that differ from predive surface mode.
- Sequences of screens that scroll without interaction.
- Safety and Deep stops.
- Buttons on dive computers will now visibly change when you press the coresponding keyboard button, allowing you to see what buttons are pressed or held.
- Added Oceanic VEO 100 dive computer
- Added Aeris XR-1 dive computer

- Added support for positional audio effects. Expect to see this in new and updated sites.

- Equipment with perishable parts will show the levels of those parts on the pre-dive planning screen.

- During a rebreather dive you can now set the gradient factor to use during deco (non-technical dives still use a default setting).

Bug Fixes
- Made signifigant fixes to the collision model for the diver.
- This should result in a generally more solid feel when colliding with objects, issues like extremities sticking through surfaces will be greatly reduced.
- This should resolve a serious bug that could be experienced by hitting certain objects at certain angles (such as approaching a buoy by strafing).
- Friction with the ground has been somewhat reduced.
- Fixed several bugs that could cause a crash when attempting to start a buddy dive.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash for clients in a buddy dive when a new player joined the dive.
- Fixed a bug that could cause your manual rebreather valves to get stuck open in some cases.
- Fixed a bug that caused you to hear open circuit breathing sounds (like bubbles rising to the surface and air flowing through the regulator) during a closed circuit dive.
- Fixed a bug that caused you to hear one-time sounds (such as voice overs) when you paused and unpaused the simulation after hearing them earlier in the dive.
- Fixed a bug that would cause your BCD volume to fall below its minimum possible volume, especially at deeper depths, causing you to have to inflate for up to several seconds to reach the minimum volume before any change was noticable (on the bar or in terms of buoyancy).
- Fixed a bug that could cause the buy button to not be enabled for certain gear in the shop.
- Altered the timings on connection messages for buddy diving to be slightly more lenient - may help some users with connection issues.
- Fixed a bug that caused the "tune up" button to show up in the shop menu before you owned an item that could be tuned up.
- Fixed a bug that caused the rebreather HUD and valves to show up in your mask if you did a dive with the rebreather followed by a dive without the rebreather.
- Fixed a bug that occasionally started you with a very high CNS level during the buddy dive planning screen.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to move the first-person camera to point directions other then the direction the diver was pointing. When in first person camera mode, the camera will now always point in the direction the player is facing.
- Fixed a bug that caused some the screens on some computers to blink off momentarily during certain transitions.
- Fixed a bug that caused entering numbers in the time warper to also cause the key presses to be interpreted as inputs by your current dive computer.
- Fixed a bug with calculation of the Total Ascent Time in dive computers, numbers given as total ascent times should be much more accurate now.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a graphical corruption of the current scene view if you paused the dive and then resized or minimized/maximized the eDiving window.
- Fixed some misc crash bugs.

- There have been a few changes to the installer EULA and the ingame Liability Release.
- Some equipment configurations now require you to use the dive planning screen (specifically: if you are using a rebreather or ROV).
- The save buttons in the Equipment and Computer Settings configuration screens will now be disabled if there are no changes to save.
- Not all settings in the Computer Settings screen require you to restart the client. Only those settings which do will prompt you with the "settings will not take effect until you restart" dialog.
- Added a slight delay to the third-person camera to give it a smoother feel when turning or orbiting.
- The third-person camera has an additional degree of freedom when orbiting.
- Adjusted the visual representation of the diver so that the head will now correctly line up with the point of view in first person mode. The result is, when you can see above the waves in first person, your head is above the waves in third person (this was not always the case).
- Movement of other divers should be somewhat smoother in buddy dives.
- When you try to dive but do not have the minimum required gear, the simulator will display a message telling you what gear is missing.
- The maximum weight for the weight belt that can be entered in imperial units has been increased to 66 lbs to bring it in line with the 30kg limit for metric users.
- The installer will no longer overwrite settings files if those files already exist, so settings such as mouse sensitivity, graphics settings, weight belt settings, and remembered passwords will remain unchanged during an update.
- The installer will no longer prompt you to install OpenAL every time you run it.
- Pressing Escape while typing in the buddy dive chat box now clears the message. Press Tab to hide the box but save the current message.
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Re: r7 - Release Notes

Postby cdiver » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:59 pm

What about this?

I fall through the ship,trying to get through the doors,which send me shooting up vertically.
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Re: r7 - Release Notes

Postby predy » Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:58 pm

in this release collision with object and than big ascents are reduced? I think diver now ascents more and fast
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Re: r7 - Release Notes

Postby cdiver » Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:00 pm

Yes,i ascend too.
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