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Have you tried the new Dive Computer Research Tool yet? I wish this was available when I bought my dive computer. This tool will be part of the "H...
09/03/10 3:32 pm
by maximan1614
See ARTICLE Lionfish are voracious predators and have invaded Florida. Do I see a mission here for the virtual divers?...
09/03/10 2:30 pm
by amarshall
Please place your questions in the sub-forum GET HELP....
09/03/10 2:25 pm
by sauerkraut
Hi, as You might know already, we recently announced that we are working on a Lobster Hunting mode for eDiving. Since that announcement, we got s...
09/03/10 1:03 pm
by keydiver321
See ARTICLE Come on guys ..... lot of potential growth for eDiving :-) Keep buying those Bubble Credits !...
09/02/10 10:22 pm
by eDiver
Hi, please post in this sub-categories your ideas / suggestions on what you would like to see added / changed on the website. Thanks AM...
09/02/10 6:35 pm
by gelleri
This is becoming a little to much, I dove the Farnsworth this morning and now this afternoon I have to have a medallion. This sucks!...
09/02/10 5:16 pm
by eDiver
To celebrate the release of the Zoop Online Specialty Class Aqualung and DiveNav are sponsoring this contest. Grand Prize: One Suunto Zoop Dive Co...
09/02/10 3:15 pm
by maximan1614
Veo 3.0 Online Class