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Hi, Is the Galileo Sol in the simulator capable of monitoring your buddy's tank pressure? -Thanks amarshall...
09/09/10 9:13 pm
by sirrenthebrave
There is currently one rebreather available for use in the simulator, so I was wondering if there will be anymore coming out anytime soon. I also h...
08/12/10 5:09 pm
by keydiver321
We received our sample Oceanic OC1 Le in the mail recently. Attached are some photos of the real unit. It is now available for purchase in the simulat...
08/04/10 6:50 pm
by eDiver
How many people have a Datamask on eDiving ,if you do please leave a reply on here and tell us how much you like it or don't. I know,I spelled...
07/08/10 10:33 pm
by maximan1614
This is the list of gear you get by default: 1) Round Green Mask 2) Male Swimsuit or Female Swimsuit 3) Low performance Yellow Fins 4) AL63...
06/22/10 6:50 pm
by smarshall62
r9 Tech Diver - You can equip the tech diver with a double HP100 + wing - There are also several configurations of stage bottles. Let us know if you...
06/04/10 9:37 am
by eDiver
i equip the f10 aeris freedive computer and when i am in site i cant do a freedive.Is there a certain set up that you must have before entering the si...
05/31/10 10:28 am
by eDiver
Here is a preview image of the eDiving Tech Diver to be released in R9. New gear for the tech diver that will be available include twin 100 steel tank...
04/28/10 2:37 pm
by jrcastro310
Hi, this is a preview of the OC1 Coming soon (next week) to your computer :-) AM Now that the OC1 is here, make sure to dive the OC1 train...
01/27/10 6:27 pm
by cdiver
I assume one is able to try on dive masks at the store before purchasing them, especially considering the price. The equivalent here would be to se...
01/22/10 4:42 pm
by amarshall
Please tell us if you have Bio-Mechanical Fins, and your experiences with them....
01/16/10 9:52 am
by eDiver
The Prodigy Dive Computer is the simplest (and cheapest) dive computer you can find in the simulator. In order to use the Prodigy, first you have t...
01/09/10 12:39 pm
by cdiver
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