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Reply by derriden on August 30, 2010 at 4:32 am
Hi, I've just started and have worked most of it out now (I think). My Total eDives in the after dive summary is not moving above 5. My eDive time increases and I get the bubble credits and gear that I find on each dive (so the dives are apparently being logged) but the total isn't moving. It should be on 7 or 8 by now. Have I skipped something that allows me to go beyond 5? I'm going below 10m each time and not dieing or invalidating my dive in some way (no messages telling me i am anyway). Any suggestions? An objective for my computer's site (Veo 2.0) is below 20m so I have to cheat a bit to get to it until I log 10 dives. Thanks
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