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Reply by amarshall on August 23, 2010 at 6:22 pm
gelleri said "Many thanks, Alberto. I know this is not the right topic, but personally I think one of the greatest improvements would be if we could organise buddy dives very easily. Those green frames on the main page obviously can't do the job. I doubt many users know what they mean at all. What I would welcome is some live message board where we could post messages and invitations for everyone to see, such as:

"Divers needed for a serious cave dive on Nitrox today at 3pm PST."

And how about a special gauge or slate that we could use to read the message board live and send messages to it during a dive! So maybe in future versions, we could leave messages like "Low on air and in deco! Somebody please bring me a tank right now!" or "Flashlight battery went flat, can't see a thing. Need help in the cave now!" and so on.

It would be so much fun.

Or am I the only one addicted to buddy diving?


I was also thinking maybe a way to send "simulator messages". That way, if you were planning to do a buddy dive, but your taking a while to change out your equipment, or you need to cancel the dive, you could send it to everyone in the sim, or a certain person.

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