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Please place your questions in the sub-forum GET HELP....
Just wondering how long it take for pay pal to send you the info so I can get started on a class....
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Veo 3.0 Class shows green light, but when entered says video does not exist......
08/19/10 11:13 am
by eDiver
1. Deco stop time was incorrect 2. He on the He loader rose when it should be falling on stops 3. On the He loader, the bars went into negative...
08/18/10 11:51 am
by predy
08/16/10 2:44 pm
by maximan1614
I am trying to purchase 500 bubble credits to take the Gekko class. I add them to my cart, but then it takes me to a screen that shows I have added 5...
08/16/10 1:14 pm
by mancesco
Just wondering how long it take for pay pal to send you the info so I can get started on a class....
08/13/10 6:32 pm
by eDiver
Hi, It seems that when the host pauses the simulator during a Buddy Dive, anyone else who requests to join, gets a message saying "amarshall is b...
08/13/10 6:35 am
by amarshall
Hi, sometimes my ediving crashes when i will change to my stagetanks. pressing e will cause the simulator crash. I got the problem with different s...
08/11/10 5:13 pm
by eDiver
Hi! When I am in 3rd person view I can't see any bubbles comming out of the diver's mouth... I couldn't in r6 and I still can't in r7... I have an...
08/11/10 8:50 am
by keydiver321
When selecting a dive site, the sim crashes and gives me an "ediving client application error" from Microsoft. The dive site selection module seems t...
08/07/10 8:20 pm
by eDiver
Specifically, the Body Glove Hood EXO-F. Everything else I purchased went through fine, just not this hood. Any tips? Thanks!...
08/07/10 4:27 pm
by sauerkraut
Frankly speaking, what would I have gotten had I referred a total of 53 people?...
08/07/10 4:25 pm
by sauerkraut
Are you planning to do a class for this computer?...
08/02/10 10:37 pm
by eDiver
Oceanic Geo 2.0 Online Cl