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Please place your questions in the sub-forum GET HELP....
Just wondering how long it take for pay pal to send you the info so I can get started on a class....
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Is the forum search function down? Nothing I type in brings up any topics....
09/05/10 7:13 am
by amarshall
Please place your questions in the sub-forum GET HELP....
09/03/10 2:25 pm
by sauerkraut
This is becoming a little to much, I dove the Farnsworth this morning and now this afternoon I have to have a medallion. This sucks!...
09/02/10 5:16 pm
by eDiver
Sometimes when I find keys or trinkets, it says that it's stuck and I can't pick it up. Bug?...
09/02/10 2:04 pm
by eDiver
While at Beneath The Sea 2010 I bought a Geo 2.0 class activation card from the eDiving booth. Finally, today, I try to begin the course, but when...
08/31/10 8:01 pm
by eDiver
Hi, I've just started and have worked most of it out now (I think). My Total eDives in the after dive summary is not moving above 5. My eDive time inc...
08/30/10 9:51 pm
by derriden
Zoop Practice Site goes to page cannot be displayed. Also, the Zoop Specialty Class refers to the Introduction to Dive Computers class, which shows up...
08/28/10 8:56 pm
by roccisjr
You recently added the divesite overlays to the home page of edivers. They pop-up when you run the mouse over them. In Apple Safari they show proper...
08/27/10 9:44 am
by oldiver
When you hide a trinket deep deep down, anyone can take it even if they do not finish the dive properly (e.g. get the bends). Although your dive is no...
08/23/10 3:22 pm
by amarshall
Hi, I have noticed when I dive with the OC1, on the main dive screen, it doesn't show NDC as shown on some of the pictures in the Oceanic Website,...
08/23/10 10:15 am
by eDiver
when i get on the sim not the website i can't find murray head in the list? is there a problem?...
08/21/10 8:14 pm
by the1monkeyboy
There is no class for the Aeris Epic. Is there a course for another computer similar to the Epic?...
08/19/10 8:44 pm
by stevenpsmith
Cobra Online Class