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Reply by a22shady on June 3, 2010 at 8:29 pm
I am using the Tri-mix tool. WHen it's in the bar mode it fills and does not decrese. If I switch it to the Graph I will see where it went up and then receded. Here is a pic I got off my phone of what it is doing to me. My time for deco never ends and it freezes once it gets to zero and if I try to ascend it will then tell me to go the that depth and give me more time there. I am doing everything as before I guess the deco comes very fast and seems to last a little too long Ill look into that tool that your talking about If I have enough credits


I do not see a time warper tool.. I checked here online and in the game the only tool is the tele-transporter that moves you from one point to another according to its spec's.
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