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Reply by eDiver on June 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm
are you using the Trimix meter?
Please post pictures.
Also, note that with Helium you get in deco faster than nitrogen (but you get out from deco faster too)

I just did a dive on the Oriskany:
mix: 21/50
GF 0.85/0.15
PPO2: 0.7/1.2
calibrate the O2 cells
slow descent on the flight deck (136ft) keeping my PO2 as close as 0.7 as possible
Got in deco after ~8minutes (mainly due to Helium). TTS 18min
switched to PPO2 1.2
started slow ascent - note that during slow ascent the CCR keeps adding O2 to maintain PPO2 at 1.2. Also, TTS, stop depth and stop time keep changing .... this is normal.
reached 70ft (top of island) at time 13 .... still slightly in deco (He #2, 3 & 4) ... made 2 minutes deep stop at 70ft
ascended to 30 ft and did a 2 minutes safety stop
went out of deco (look at the Trimix meter .... all below the red line) ... the Titan dive computer has a bug (in the simulator) ... we forgot to clear TTS, deco stop and deco time when you exit from deco .... will fix it asap.
Ascended to surface and completed dive regularly.
Note that the "You went into deco" message on the statistics page is not penalizing.

A part of the glitch on the CCR dive computer (TTS, deco stop and deco time value not cleared when you exit from deco), sim works fine.


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