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Reply by a22shady on June 3, 2010 at 1:29 pm
Just finished another dive this time on the oriskany same mix as previous changes set point to .7-1.1 five.minutes into.dive it.was telling me I had went into second max depth 157 went through deco stops at 90-80-70-60-50 all said 1-2 min then got stuck at 0 for about 3 min. At 40 stop it said I had 2 min completed the 2 min then it sat on 0 the tts at this point said I only had 1 min after that min expired it went up to 55 min tts and added 1 min to my 40 stop.40 stop sat at zero for about six.min before giving me next depth of 20 for 0 min. Also for the tri-mix tool and nitrogen gauge once it gets filled it does not lower. You can make it large into the bad graph and you can see the levels raise and lower but not in the tube it stays full. Then after it finally told me to go up to 20 I sat there for nearly 10min and nothing So i ascended slowly and then a time finally showed up once I got to 14ft. and it told me I had 20mins there and my TTS went up up from 33min to 55min. Also the whole time the NDL was saying 59min. So once again I Lost credits credits again on another dive, almost an hour of my time wasted plus things that I found...

Did another dive on the Oriskany with the Rebreather. This time I used 21% regular air no he. The dive started well it showed the proper NDL time to start the Dive After a couple mins got the warning that I am in Deco finshed looking around and began my ascent It said I had a 2 min stop at 50 so I stopped 2 mins ticked away and it sat at 0 min for the next 4-5min I began ascending a few feet then it showed me a stop time again at 50 fo4 4min this time I then aborted the dive. Also same thing with Nitrogen bar. When it is enlarged into the Big graph you can see the level go up and then down but when it's the small tube the do not receed lower.
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