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Posted by a22shady on June 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm in Help - FAQ
There seems to be some issues with this. I did a dive and said i had to do stops after making the first 2 stops it then would sit with the Stop60 but time was 0 for atleast five min then switched to 50 same thing I ascended after a few feet i then changed to 40 and then sat on fourty for ever the Game went on for 1:48min untill i came up and died. I understand that you need to decompress I think the time in this game is rediclously too long. Not many people can sit there for those long perods of time. Not sure if this was a glitch or the way it was programmed..
Reply by cdiver on June 2, 2010 at 9:50 pm
something sounds weird there, but they do have a time warp.
Reply by eDiver on June 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm
to analyze the problem we need to know your dive profile and gas mix you were using.

Reply by a22shady on June 2, 2010 at 10:16 pm
I just did another dive at murra head. using 10/90 Mix it gave me a stop deoth of 190' this time but once I got there it showed no time limit. I sat there for a min nothing showed up slowly ascended 1foot at a time from 93.92,91,90 etc nothing showed up it did say my (TTS) was 48min. The thing that stimks is as Im getting killed or forced to abort the dives Im loosing everything/Credits I got plus credits I have tospend to keep refilling my Air. I am using the titan Rebreather


I just did another dive and got the same result a waste of time and credits. Not sure If i am suddenly doing something wrong or something with the game. I Dove same site Max depth 412ft. I descended properlly. One thing I noticed for some reason my NDL no matter what stays at 59min. This time I had stop's at 210/200/190/180/170/160/150/140 All stops had a zero time limit but I had to stay there for about 2-3min before the next stop depth apperead. at 160 stop it did show 2 min stop time then 150 showed 0 and 140 showed 0 and did not change for about 7-8min and I just aborted the dive. Total time of dive was 48 min. TTS showed 26min 10/90 mix
Reply by a22shady on June 3, 2010 at 1:29 pm
Just finished another dive this time on the oriskany same mix as previous changes set point to .7-1.1 five.minutes into.dive it.was telling me I had went into second max depth 157 went through deco stops at 90-80-70-60-50 all said 1-2 min then got stuck at 0 for about 3 min. At 40 stop it said I had 2 min completed the 2 min then it sat on 0 the tts at this point said I only had 1 min after that min expired it went up to 55 min tts and added 1 min to my 40 stop.40 stop sat at zero for about six.min before giving me next depth of 20 for 0 min. Also for the tri-mix tool and nitrogen gauge once it gets filled it does not lower. You can make it large into the bad graph and you can see the levels raise and lower but not in the tube it stays full. Then after it finally told me to go up to 20 I sat there for nearly 10min and nothing So i ascended slowly and then a time finally showed up once I got to 14ft. and it told me I had 20mins there and my TTS went up up from 33min to 55min. Also the whole time the NDL was saying 59min. So once again I Lost credits credits again on another dive, almost an hour of my time wasted plus things that I found...

Did another dive on the Oriskany with the Rebreather. This time I used 21% regular air no he. The dive started well it showed the proper NDL time to start the Dive After a couple mins got the warning that I am in Deco finshed looking around and began my ascent It said I had a 2 min stop at 50 so I stopped 2 mins ticked away and it sat at 0 min for the next 4-5min I began ascending a few feet then it showed me a stop time again at 50 fo4 4min this time I then aborted the dive. Also same thing with Nitrogen bar. When it is enlarged into the Big graph you can see the level go up and then down but when it's the small tube the do not receed lower.
Reply by eDiver on June 3, 2010 at 2:00 pm

We will look into this.
Reply by a22shady on June 3, 2010 at 3:05 pm
Thanks It just gets frustrating when your spending all this time and each of those dives just went on and on for about close to an hour which is a long time to be stuck on the computer tryin to finish a dive.
Reply by eDiver on June 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm
are you using the Trimix meter?
Please post pictures.
Also, note that with Helium you get in deco faster than nitrogen (but you get out from deco faster too)

I just did a dive on the Oriskany:
mix: 21/50
GF 0.85/0.15
PPO2: 0.7/1.2
calibrate the O2 cells
slow descent on the flight deck (136ft) keeping my PO2 as close as 0.7 as possible
Got in deco after ~8minutes (mainly due to Helium). TTS 18min
switched to PPO2 1.2
started slow ascent - note that during slow ascent the CCR keeps adding O2 to maintain PPO2 at 1.2. Also, TTS, stop depth and stop time keep changing .... this is normal.
reached 70ft (top of island) at time 13 .... still slightly in deco (He #2, 3 & 4) ... made 2 minutes deep stop at 70ft
ascended to 30 ft and did a 2 minutes safety stop
went out of deco (look at the Trimix meter .... all below the red line) ... the Titan dive computer has a bug (in the simulator) ... we forgot to clear TTS, deco stop and deco time when you exit from deco .... will fix it asap.
Ascended to surface and completed dive regularly.
Note that the "You went into deco" message on the statistics page is not penalizing.

A part of the glitch on the CCR dive computer (TTS, deco stop and deco time value not cleared when you exit from deco), sim works fine.


Reply by eDiver on June 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm
one more thing ... use the time warper for the deco stops :-)
Reply by a22shady on June 3, 2010 at 8:29 pm
I am using the Tri-mix tool. WHen it's in the bar mode it fills and does not decrese. If I switch it to the Graph I will see where it went up and then receded. Here is a pic I got off my phone of what it is doing to me. My time for deco never ends and it freezes once it gets to zero and if I try to ascend it will then tell me to go the that depth and give me more time there. I am doing everything as before I guess the deco comes very fast and seems to last a little too long Ill look into that tool that your talking about If I have enough credits


I do not see a time warper tool.. I checked here online and in the game the only tool is the tele-transporter that moves you from one point to another according to its spec's.
Reply by eDiver on June 3, 2010 at 9:26 pm
the time warper is the hour glass shaped icon on the tool bar .... you don't have to buy it ..... .... pause the game and click on it to activate it
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